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Builders Services

Local Builders You Can Rely On

Builders ServicesHiring builders doesn’t need to be the stressful experience it used to be. What if you could hire a company that always lets you know where you stood regarding price? Which had the experts needed for any job? And which you could count on always giving you a final rate that matched your budget?

That’s exactly what we provide for you. We specialise in all areas of property upgrade and improvement, from bathroom remodelling to painting and decorating. Plus, we’ve got the expertise needed for home and office repairs of all kinds…

There’s no more need to mess around with multiple companies. Now you can get everything you need under one roof.

Making Your Service Happen

All you need to do is pick up the phone and call 017 4435 9002, or email us the details of your job using our booking form, or start chatting to us live online.

You’ll be talking to an experienced adviser who’ll be able to answer any question that you might have, and who’ll gather all the relevant details about your appointment before placing your booking for you.

Builders Services Which Give You Extra

What size of job do you have in mind? Is it for improving or repairing your own home? Or is it your workplace that needs expert attention?

Whatever you have planned, we’ve got the fully trained and experienced all-trade experts to handle it for you. These trustworthy specialists will be able to advise you on how best to get the results you’re looking for. We offer a full range of handyman and builders services suitable for any task you might have in mind.

Over 97% of the people who’ve used us before say they’d use us again in a heartbeat… So we must be doing something right! Every time you use us, you’ll be getting:

  • Builders ServicesCompetitive rates based on your work alone – pay only for time with handyman services, and start with a quote that includes all costs for building work
  • The peace of mind that only full insurance cover can give you – we have Public Liability insurance to protect your property
  • 24 hour a day customer care comes with your services as standard
  • We’re a locally-based company, so if you need work in an emergency – simply give us a call!
  • The highest quality guaranteed – we focus on technical excellence in addition to giving you the support you need

Building and Handyman Services For Every Need

We’re your one-stop shop for home and office improvement work, as well as professional property repairs and maintenance. Wherever and whenever you need high quality trade skills, we’ve got you covered.

The work we do usually falls into one of two categories:

  • Builders Servicesselect from amongst high quality solutions for all your property needs. From complete refurbishment to skilled, artistic redecoration – we’ve got the skills, and the price that’ll match your budget. The only thing we don’t cover is building whole new structures.
  • Handyman Servicesproperty maintenance and care is what this service is all about. Repair work like fixing a broken toilet, changing a light fitting – anything you might think of as an odd job or fix-up task that requires ability and training. We cover property interiors as well as exteriors.

Your Local All-Trade Specialists

Builders ServicesWe provide exhaustive round-the-clock customer support because we know that when you’re hiring a new building company, you might have questions or need to check on the service you’re getting at any time. Get in touch if you ever have a problem – we’ll always be happy to hear from you!

Who Will Your Builders Be?

When it comes to building work, you need to know that you’ve got someone on-hand that knows exactly what they’re doing. That’s why every specialist on our team has both full industry certification in their area of speciality, as well as having received in-depth training and vetting from us.

Getting a Handyman From Us

When you hire a handyman from us, you’ll know that you’re always getting a professional whose experience and training match the task at hand. If you have a job which legally requires a qualified tradesman, we’ll always provide one.